Friday, 22 August 2008

Video recording - Kodak's response to the Flip recorder has a review of the zi6 from Kodak - a handheld videocam running on AA batteries, SD/SDHC cards, and does 60 fps 720p video.

Want to record something on the go? Gizmodo is saying the Kodak "might be the best pocket camcorder yet" - and doing both VGA video and also 720p HD, I can imagine why.

Cost? $180 though a decent SDHC card and the batteries will rival that!
When? Next month.
How? Turn on, point and shoot, plug into USB, get those videos onto your PC, whack them up to Youtube. You can playback via the 2.4" LCD screen, with slow motion playback available.
Bonuses? Tripod mounting hole, ability to get stills from video. H.264 files so it's straight to editing on a Mac!

Apple could so easily implement this, it's harsh to see it not implemented - to release the 3G iPhone without video, presumably waiting until at least the 3rd version for 209 to bring in video (presumably unlocking it for v1 and v2 handsets in the process). It's worse to know it's technically feasible, and that the current sensors can do video of some sort. Here's to hoping the CMOS job postings for Apple come through soon.

Demo of the quality here and here - both from Scott Stevenson. Hit the large versions to truly see the potential.

Whilst there are some very nice HD camcorders going round - they're triple the price currently.

Wonder if there will be a way of reading a memory card into an iPod or iPhone as storage of the files. I'm pretty sure there was a device that enabled you to copy from iPod to iPod.

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