Saturday, 2 August 2008

Get a Mac. What were Apple's messages?

Apple has had a long running Get a Mac campaign (" hello i'm a PC", "hello i'm a Mac" ads).

So here's a pretty exhaustive list below . Apple's got some pretty strong points. Microsoft's 2 years too late response? Mojave "experiment", which even Dvorack is fuming about.

N. American campaign
Accident – Magnetic power cord
Angel/Devil – iPhoto
Better – Handling media - Music, pictures, video
Better results – Home movie making
Boxer- PC wants to rumble – not down without a fight Mac sees it not as a competition but rather people switching to a computer that's simpler and more intuitive.
Breakthrough – Problems for PC with software & hardware
Choose a Vista – Vista’s licensing problem
Computer Cart – Cryptic Windows errors, and their frequency
Counselor – Mac being compatible with PC, complementing PC on Excel
Flashback – Ability of Mac to make a website and home movie
Genius – Mac’s Apple Genius Bar
Gift Exchange – iPhoto of Mac, Programming language of the 2 OSs
Goodwill – Nearly Christmas goodwill
Group – Vista issues - isn’t working as it should, errors
iLife – iPod, iTunes, iLife coming with every Mac
Meant for Work – Stickerless well designed aesthetic Mac vs…
Misprint - PC World - "Fastest Windows Vista notebook tested that year was a Mac
Network - Mac & PC can network together, but Mac is compatible with other hardware without needing as much driver installation
with virtually all new hardware.
Now What – The complexity in buying a PC vs. a Mac, Apple stores, personal shoppers, workshops
Office Stress – Mac’s Microsoft Office 2008 & Mac compatibility with PC
Out of the Box – Macs can work straight from the box (No step 3 )
Pep Rally – Mac’s #1 status on college campuses, in-built iSight camera, stable OS
Party is Over – Need for upgrades to use Vista and peripherals and software incompatability
Podium – Denial about Vista’s problems, compatibility issues, new features of Mac OS X, downgrading of Vista to X, "It's not about what Vista can do for you, it's what you can buy for Vista."
PR Lady – Bad use of PR by Microsoft, negative public reaction to Vista, downgrading, switching to Mac
Referee – WSJ comments that Leopard is better & faster than Vista
Restarting – Freezing/rebooting issues of Vista/XP
Sabotage – Delusional PR about Vista/XP
Sad Song – Switchers to Mac, Vista’s issues,
Sales Pitch – Mac’s increasing popularity, badly done Windows’ sales pitches
Santa Claus – Nearly seasonal goodwill
Security – PC is coming to a sad realization "cancel or allow" (UAC)
Self Pity – Mac has run Microsoft Office for years
Stuffed – Crapware on new PCs, iLife in comparison
Surgery – Upgrades needed to g of spyware and viruses on Mac OS X
Viruses – “114,000 known viruses for PCs." Lack of viruses for Mac
Work vs. Home – Mac can do podcasts, movies.
WSJ – Mac’s favorable review in WSJ
Yoga –PC unfortunately had “bad Vista energy", problems

Web exclusive campaign
Banging – Problems with Vista
Hiding – Viruses, spyware, the pain of scanning
Knocking – Vista’s driver issues
PC Turf - How PCMag and PCWorld have given good reviews for Mac
Not – WSJ - "Leopard is better and faster than Vista"
Emergency Refresh - "Vista... one et Vista, Macs compatibility with peripherals
Tech Support – Mac’s built in webcam vs. lack of ease of installing one on a PC
Time Machine – Time Machine
Touché – Mac says "And I'm a PC too…the only computer you'll ever need."
Trust Mac – Spyware on PC, lackof the biggest blunders in technology?"; "It's time for a Vista do-over" - PC Magazine; "Mac OS X Leopard: A Perfect 10" - InfoWorld.
PC Newswire – Potential headlines – glitches, downgrading

Wasn't just N. America, or the UK...

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