Sunday, 31 August 2008

iPhone web app, and sharing love forward

I wonder how others get their blog to get more traffic? I guess I need to post more, and better...

Anyhow, the iPhone app - saw just now - it's discontinued, which needs following up as to why - and the Google cache shows some promise as to someone's go at something that would be pretty nifty potentially for a salsero who's on the move.

Google, then click on the blue hyperlink cached version button

Salsa by map, by date and location, by list of events (calendar), by name of organiser. Put down as created as an entry on Dec 08 2006

Edit: - Working, but "in beta", and seemingly another stopped project. Seems the opportunity is still there...

Sharing the love to folks

On another point, i've been combing through a lot of salsa and dance blogs over the weekend (fixing a computer, backing up and transferring Gigabytes of data needs a distraction!) and came across a great blog:

Having got several pages back, I found the post:

By the end of the calendar year (or so), I will send a tangible, physical gift to each of the first five people to comment here. The catch? Each person must make the same offer on her/his blog. [I myself am passing this on since I responded to morganlf's meme].

The rules:

1. Anyone may respond, whether I know you or not. However, you must have a blog of your own where you can pass along the same offer.

2. No members of my immediate family are eligible ’cause you’re getting holiday presents from me anyway.

So passing it on: A tangible physical gift to 5 people who add a comment. Heck - they'd be the 1st five to comment, so why not have a gift on standby!

Twittering dancers, salseros?

On a semi related note - Are there that many on twitter, or other similar networks? Surely twitter, and Loopt would be useful applications for a dance night out?

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Stuart said...

Hi, thanks for your link to SalsaMap ( I just wanted to let you know that it isn't discontinued - we just hit a few problems with the site. Unfortunately, this coincided with my wife and I having our first baby so there wasn't much time to fix things. Anyway, I've managed to scrape together a few minutes here and there and most of the issues should now be fixed.

Thanks again for your kind comments - if you have any more comments or suggestions then do get in touch with us via