Saturday, 20 December 2008

Perl module


History repeating?

Science and 10-100 more computing power.

Science - is it ready for more computing power?
Moore's law for computing power, was for CPUs.
Not CPUs and GPUs. I'd make that an additive effect, meaning that if both still follow Moore's Law, then the length of time for a doubling just smaller.

And we get the initial bonus boost of the first use of the technology.

So what could Science do with this extra boost in power?

Have you prepared (a grant) yet?

Edit - Would Apple put the v3 iPhone out before WWDC? 

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Teaching at a Masters level

A close friend from afar once told me her view that the only way to [really] teach science is to have someone that WANTS to teach and CAN CUT IT in science.
The catch is the extra requirement - that is really ready to study and work on the psychology/ cognitive processing/ learning techniques/ and the science as well.

And I agree with here - it can all make such a difference. More anon.