Thursday, 23 July 2009

Augmented Reality and dance

Lightstage - need to email to see what's happening.
Project Natal is in concept, a one sided version of this.

Presumably the next stage is to make Natal comprehend multiple angles. Rig a few cameras up in different corners of the room, and then all sidess are seen.

Mocap for the 21st century.

Head cam for the 21st century:


This can capture a dance, both in video, but also in 3 Dimensional space, showing your body movements (at least at the simple level, but presumably start to get more refined and higher resolution).

- Your dance
- Your teacher's dance
- A dance at an event
- A private lesson
- At a dance hall

Recall - you have the dance captured - you can go over fine detail whenever, wherever
Improve - you can problem solve spins, movements, timing (care to have the 3d visually pulse with colour in time with the music beat/rhythm/instrument)
Learn - See a routine and slow it down - at a much finer level and smoother when at non-1x speeds.

Could you have 2 streams of data - a HD or VGA version, and then along that the feed from what the Natal webcam receives as input/ what gets crunched and uses as output. If you could collect both at the same time, close enough, you could even overlay them - in in effect add motion capture skeletons, avatars overlaid or whathave you.

Whether or not this is Real Time (RT) - in effect you get to a wirestick model of people, with avatar possibilities.

A move library, where every move could smoothly be linked to every other one?
Think this needs pictures.

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