Thursday, 11 June 2009

iPhone 3GS - Game changer for the blind and the nagationally challenged?

Listening to TWiT Live's repeat showing of MacBreak Weekly, episode 144 - they joked about the feature of maps and a digital compass.

But what if you took 3D audio, and then knowing the direction of the phone, and then a map, you could provide a touch screen app that would give street names around you in 3D audio space as well as visually. You could get it to give info about upcoming road junctions.

For the blind, they could plug in their iPhone, and then if they wanted to find a store, go into Voice control Google search, then route a route, then follow audio directions, along with a guide dog/walking cane.

For those with sight, but not a good sense of direction and orienteering, it could also be used to train people up on the skills needed.

They joked if you could put glasses on and make it across town without looking anytime. But that's what a blind person I guess does every day...

Wonder where you can find up to date info on tech for the blind.

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