Thursday, 14 May 2009

Accessory market for Apple's iPhone and Touch

This is speculation, pure and simple.

WWDC 2009

For WWDC I see a number of things. Apple could have got China on board. A new iPhone with IMG POWERVR multicore chips if we're lucky.

I also see
- A new dock
- Lots of accessories. If WWDC 08 was apps, WWDC 09 will be accessories

This will create a big bow wave of consumer demand, and a large wake.

The accessory group is shrouded, and rightly so. The ADC has been infiltrated by some folk just there for the beta OS, and to poke around. Hence in all likelihood Apple creating it's own high end ADC forum on Snow Leopard, for those with the money, and possible disdain of riff raff!

IMG is looking to be getting close to Apple. IMG's already talking about OpenCL -and they're hiring OpenCL positions. Seeing as a high up from IMG basically said multicore IMG POWERVR in a mobile at latest by May 2010, either v3 or a v4 iPhone is going to get OpenCL on it.

Which means that Snow Leopard tech *is* coming to iPhone OS. iPhone OS will be 10.6 derived, not 10.5

I can bark up lots of wrong trees - but the possibilties that Imagination Technologies is linked to Toumaz Tech - who do sensors - and that Apple's involved?

Blimey. If they were doing a Tablet, to push to the medical field - then these kinds of companies and deals would give them medically certified applications and also sensors. From Blood Glucose (ain't just Johnson and Johnson doing it then!) monitoring to sport.
Horseracing. Football.

That dock - See Erica's ars Technica posts - basically Apple will have a dock, as per the Media Out Interface patent, that will allow an iPhone to video out HD gaming screen whilst playing, or show a HD film / video onto a HDTV with ease.

The upgrade to the cables is to do with this, i'm darn certain.

What's the hassle of showing video you've made? Quite a bit. This really opens things up.
You record on the iPhone, edit on it, upload onto MobileMe *Aand* you also get to show it off to anyone with a TV.

Yes, some of this is done before, but not with the potential level of integration I believe we're going to see.
There's already an unpublished API on this - so Erica could put a game onto a TV.

This is a pincer movement invasion of the living room from a handheld mobile device, that is also a phone.

A possible app.

But I'm seeing this in good old sculling, for my father bless him. At some point over the summer, the new coding project is to create a modular app for him so he can take an iPhone out sculling,
and have features that help him.

In rowing - you're facing backwards. It's like reversing a car faster than you can ride a bike, faster than you can jog or perhaps run.

The tech to see behind , rather than have to twist the neck every couple of strokes (bearing in mind that for every stroke you've covered 10 metres or more, so you'll have covered the length of a football pitch in 9-12 strokes.

And there are bloody big metal/plastic bouys, banks, Saga-laden ferries, boats and other scullers all inthe mix too.

So that's the new project. I'm seeing a big Sports push in the accessory tech market with iPhone and Touch. And I don't see too many people fleshing it out as much as I think it could run.

Even the damned dock coming in WWDC to join the iPHone to the HDTV is immense - in one accessory, Apple's just taken over the living room.

iPhone with cable to TV/dock to HDTV
or iPhone wireless to dock/ATV to HDTV.

Have you got broadband and a TV? Then you're set to download HD film rentals, through Apple's iTunes ,and watch through the iPhone.
Massive win.

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