Tuesday, 10 February 2009

(Bioinformatics) Science Networking

Social networks:


"Mikhail G Shapiro, Ph.D. sent me a message from epernicus.com. It reminded me that
"the average Epernicus member has 11 years of research experience (starting with graduate school)"
- There are "0 people in [my] Epernicus network [that] have been doing science for a total of ~0 years...With such an immense base of experience at your disposal, chances are good that whatever challenge you encounter in your work, you can find someone who can help. "
- "You are currently the only member of Cranfield University on Epernicus. Invite your colleagues, and you'll expand your network of available skills and expertise."

To put this to the test, i'll search for Perl Bioinformatics help, and see what turns up. Then try BENCHQ to broadcast my question to my network, community.

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