Tuesday, 6 January 2009

MWSF 2009

Interesting to see the keynote iLife has got a big boost from Apple.
Faces, Places are strong things, set in context with how they can link together. With Google's relationship with Apple, the move towards the cloud, and the beta for iLife, it'll be very interesting. A lot of metadata -
The where - geotagging
The who - Faces - face recognition, tagging via Facebook
The what - Events
The linking with Facebook is BIG potentially.

I know a lot of friends that use Facebook as a primary photo store, but it's bint to try and actually get those photos for archiving, or local access. By basically being bigger than Facebook - it means they'll get a fair few people using iPhoto as a photo sink - store them in it, do all the data - locking people in (Picasa got of a day, right?)
You can get those photos out from iPhoto. Very useful.
You can upload them to Facebook - so sharing them more easily, and letting people help you with tagging too!

(On another tack, this will potentially be a boon for anyone who collects photos in large quantities. Innocent or otherwise.
By being able to sift through a dump of photos, and be able to make predicted events, tag people, places - be a strong way to manage photos that haven't yet got a lot of metadata, or are just a mess.

With the ability to do slideshows too - is very friendly to show people, make quickly.
I'm liking the 3D theme - that can show on an iPhone via iTunes - the exact same slideshow.

The ability to move this through to showing travel plans, events - this could in a way take a bite from Flickr and Facebook, and a lot of the travel sites.

With video stabilisation, they're pushing towards helping the Flip etc. Or maybe an iPhone in 6 months.
At 22:50 - shows you the usefulness of GPS. With a lot of photos taken, you could see where you most take photos, places you've been, events you've had...

Apple's made steady progress here, and the rumors only really hit about this a week before the keynote. Making video editing pretty darn accessible to with iMovie 2009. (It's great to see the way the program was developed too - making things easier, more powerful at the same time)
Or learn to play - bringing video to show how to play (piano, guitar). HD resolution. It's clean, smooth.
No ropey wobbly cameras. Whether they could get some of the key players to do styles - like Boogie Woogie, or Latin, we wait to see who will create some depth to this
They didn't push a Mac mini - but that might be another event (it's definitely worthy of one (something for Jobs when he's feeling better perhaps).
(I've been thinking about getitng some boogie woogie piano lessons via DVD - it'll be interesting to see what happens - whether they'll open it up to get amateurs, normal folk to make these, or do guest spots.)

They do a few things rather well. Hopefully the naysayers about batteries are going to be shut up too :) What is the lead time on all the kit to make these bespoke things? The unibody design? Or the batteries? Or the chipsets and boards?
Also - the iTunes Plus - a nice move. DRM free. Shareable to lots of other devices. Opening up. No DRM fiasco, as seen in other places (Microsoft's Plays for Sure etc).

Quiet revenue streams emerging from iLife, MobileMe, iWork.
Chip chip chip - something like iTunes on your iPhone 256kbps AAC, DRM free, over wifi, 3G - so it is sooooo easy to get the tune. Wham bam thank you ma'am.

One final thing. Googling "Dan Lyons is a royal asshole" is worth a laugh. The old ones... are the old ones...

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